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How much does Turning Hearts Medallion cost and is there additional fees?

Price of one Stainless Steel Turning Hearts Medallion is $99.95 + shipping costs. Price of one Porcelain Turning Hearts Medallion is $179.99 + shipping costs We do not require any additional fees for the Medallion.

Can I purchase a Turning Hearts Medallion for personal profile?

Yes, you can purchase Turning Hearts Medallion for your personal usage also. You can attach the medallion to a place where you like to showcase it.

Do I need to activate the Turning Hearts Medallion?

No, you do not need to activate the Turning Hearts Medallion. The Turning Hearts Medallion is already connected to your profile when the product is delivered to you.

I don't want to order a Turning Hearts Medallion, can I still use Turning Hearts?

Yes, you can use Turning Hearts without purchasing a Turning Hearts Medallion and share stories & memories at our community.

Where is the QR Code connected at my Medallion?

QR Code at Medallion is connected to your account. When the QR Code is scanned by any smartphone’s QR Code scanner, the phone will direct you to profile where the QR Code is connected to. QR Codes are laser engraved to Medallions.

How many profiles can be connected to one Turning Hearts Medallion?

Only one. However, you can order multiple Turning Hearts Medallions for one profile.