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Turning Hearts Medallion

Turning Hearts Medallion

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Create a legacy for your loved ones! Help turn the hearts of those who scan the medallion to those who have passed on.

Getting started:

When you receive the medallion, simply scan it and follow the instructions. You will be able to easily create an online profile to honor and commemorate the lives of those dear to you.

All Profiles include:

  • A Biography section
  • A Photo gallery
  • A Video gallery for attaching YouTube videos
  • An Obituary Link
  • Gravesite information (Plot number, Cemetery name, etc.)
  • Plot coordinates with walking directions to the grave
  • A Links section for adding additional links to websites
  • An interactive Tributes section for other people to post text, images and videos onto the Profile
  • A Follow button for getting relevant updates on Profiles of interest to you


Premium Grade Anodized aluminum

Shipping & Returns



2" x 2"

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A Better Way to Remember

Create a profile for your loved one and place a Turning Hearts Medallion on their headstone or place of remembrance.

Simply scan the Medallion to pay tribute and let their legacy live on.

Add Biography Info

Every profile has a Biography page. Users can enter key information and give users a quick insight into who the person was.

Upload Media to Your Own Gallery

Turning Hearts allows users to create albums and portfolios for media. This makes navigation much more seamless.

Upload Documents

Upload significant documents to a loved one's photos gallery so that family and friends can access and enjoy whenever they want.

View & Share Beautiful Stories

Read and watch touching stories shared by others. Each life story is unique and deserves to be seen and heard.

There is magic in the stories we share