• Highest Quality Materials

    Our economic line uses 316L stainless steel and our most durable Porcelain tiles uses Italian Porcelain.

  • Engraved QR Codes

    All QR Codes are laser engraved to the Turning Hearts Medallions.

  • Adhesive

    We use high strength adhesives on our medallions to ensure a secure bond to the headstone

  • Easy to Install

    Turning Hearts Medallions are user friendly and easily applied in seconds

  • Color Options

    We currently offer only one color (stainless steel) option for Medallions. 

  • Warranty

    We warranty our medallions and will replace any damaged or weathered medallions at cost.

  • Unlimited Stories

    Share as many stories and memories to your lifeline as you want to.

  • Unlimited Media Files

    Share unlimited amount of images and videos to your personalized profile.

  • Unlimited Direct Links

    Place as many direct links to profile details as you want to. The more information the better.

  • Full Privacy Control

    Account owner will have full privacy control for everything that is shared.

  • One Time Purchase

    We do not have any maintenance fees – You only pay for the Medallion and shipping.

  • Free Technical Support

    We offer free technical support to all users that have purchased a medallion.

And Much More!


Registering an account and using our platform is FREE - You only pay for the Turning Hearts Medallion if you decide to purchase it.

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