• Connects stories and memories

    A Turning Hearts Medallion is a scannable medallion intended to be placed on the headstone on of an ancestor or loved one. Anyone who visits can scan the QR code engraved on the medallion with their phone and it will connect them to the profile created for that person.

  • Ensures no life is forgotten

    For the remainder of time, every headstone that has a Turning Hearts Medallion will forever give access to the world memories and stories of that person. The world will benefit by hearing their story. Turning Hearts provides everyone the chance to leave their legacy how they want it.

  • Invites interaction and inspires

    Humans are naturally curious and will want to scan a Turning Hearts Medallion. People who do this are able to interact with profiles and leave meaningful comments and likes. Billions of lives have been lived, each with infinite value and worth. People will be inspired and find renewed purpose.

Scan QR Code from Medallion

Once you have made an account with Turning Hearts and purchased a medallion, the QR Code on the medallion will be connected to your account. When someone scans the QR Code from the medallion, they will be directed to profile which is connected to QR Code.

Medallion Features

View & Share Beautiful Stories

At Turning Hearts you are able to share stories and personalize your profile with pictures, videos, biography information, and so much more. We respect everyone’s privacy. Personal and ancestor data will always be safe with our privacy filters.

View Stories

No Advertisements or Distractions

At Turning Hearts you will never see any advertisement. We simply believe that every life is of infinite importance and that every life should be remembered. No need for any distractions. We are turning the purpose of social media platform to remembrance and reverence.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Medallions

How much does Turning Hearts Medallion cost and is there additional fees?

Price of one Stainless Steel Turning Hearts Medallion is $99.95 + shipping costs.

Price of one Porcelain Turning Hearts Medallion is $179.99 + shipping costs

We do not require any additional fees for the Medallion.

Can I purchase a Turning Hearts Medallion for personal profile?

Yes, you can purchase Turning Hearts Medallion for your personal usage also.

You can attach the medallion to a place where you like to showcase it.

Do I need to activate the Turning Hearts Medallion?

No, you do not need to activate the Turning Hearts Medallion.

The Turning Hearts Medallion is already connected to your profile when the product is delivered to you.

I don't want to order a Turning Hearts Medallion, can I still use Turning Hearts?

Yes, you can use Turning Hearts without purchasing a Turning Hearts Medallion and share stories & memories at our community.

Where is the QR Code connected at my Medallion?

QR Code at Medallion is connected to your account.

When the QR Code is scanned by any smartphone’s QR Code scanner, the phone will direct you to profile where the QR Code is connected to. QR Codes are laser engraved to Medallions.

How many profiles can be connected to one Turning Hearts Medallion?

Only one.

However, you can order multiple Turning Hearts Medallions for one profile.

What is the material of Turning Hearts Medallions?

Our economic line uses 316L stainless steel and our most durable Porcelain tiles uses Italian Porcelain.

Can I see my purchase history of purchased Turning Hearts Medallions?

Yes, you can see your purchase history at your account details. At main profile navigation, click “More” and you see a dropdown menu. After that click “My Orders”.

You can find details such as order number, status of the order, order details (price, payment method, order updates, billing address, shipping address, and time when the order was placed.)


Registering an account and using our platform is FREE - You only pay for the Turning Hearts Medallion if you decide to purchase it.

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